Mel D’Alessandro is many things. She is the proud owner of a cat named Bruce, watches
lots of investigative crime drama, and can cook a really good eggplant parmigiana.
Mel is also a jeweller. Her label MLD launched in spring 2015.

Working from her Brunswick studio, Mel creates tactile and fine jewellery that
celebrates her Italian upbringing and the empowered woman. The coin necklace references
the iconographic emblem pendants her nonna used to wear when Mel was a child.
The squiggle is a modern day Corno, a traditional amulet worn to ward off evil. The big
hoops embrace the sexy exuberance of a 1990s Isabella Rossellini.

An intuitive practice informs Mel’s designs, where each piece is attentively handcrafted
until its inherent form takes shape. She creates feminine pieces that tow the line between
soft grace and frivolity. MLD is designed for the wearer that embraces both.